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Welcome to Concept Life

Concept Life is a lifestyle brand oriented on wellness services, active fashion and functional accessories. 

We design personalized workout & nutrition plans followed by casual clothes to evolve your unique style and maximize your every day performance. 

Along with the functional matching accessories you will stand out looking and giving your best. 

LOOK, FEEL and BE THE BEST with Concept Life.


CL Journal

CL Journal is the Concept life blog where you can inform yourself, learn and discover all about the healthy, balanced, active lifestyle.

It’s all about the best performance, style and feeling good.

Personalized workout plans

We’ll design your ideal workout plan based on different types of the body and metabolic activation.

Personalized nutrition plans

We’ll design your ideal nutritional plan with personalized recipes, detailed plan of supplementation and healthy protocols.

CL clothes & accessories

Choose from our stylish, functional and comfortable active fashion collections and accessories.